Adam and Allison in the Morning

Meet Adam

Hey, I’m Adam! I’m brand new to Panama City and I could not be more excited to be here co-hosting the morning show on HOT 107.9. I grew up in Harrisburg, PA with my 3 younger brothers. I got into radio when I was 17 and I have stuck with it ever since. Even though I did get fired once. After work I like hanging out with friends…err I would if I had any, and watching Netflix. I’d love to meet you and as many listeners as possible out at a bar, or an event someday! Talk to ya weekday mornings from 6-10!

Meet Allison

I’m one half of the new morning show on HOT 107.9. I am a Houston Native, but I most recently lived in England where I traveled the country and became a Jedi Master, or at least I got my masters degree in something. I have been entertaining people since I was four years old, and now I have the best job in the whole world. I am allergic to a lot of foods, but luckily not to cats or dogs. I am a massive geek, and have absolutely no shame in owning more superhero posters than any other type of decor. I look forward to becoming a local, getting a dog, and making at least one person laugh each day even if it’s at me instead of with me.

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