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Camila Cabello debuts “glowy and simple” Havana-inspired makeup line with L’Oreal


PRNewsfoto/L’Oréal ParisYour makeup routine will “Never Be the Same.”

Camila Cabello has launched a new line of makeup with L’Oreal Paris called Havana, after her hit song and her birthplace. The 14-piece collection includes shimmery eye shadows, brow products, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss and L’Oreal’s first liquid bronzer. All retail for $15 and under.

“I am so excited! The process of getting to build a line from the ground up and getting to pick out the shades, and the fragrance of the lip glosses, and the packaging design has been an incredible experience,” the singer tells ELLE.com.

She adds, “I just knew I wanted to make a makeup line that was natural. If I’m not on stage or doing an award show performance, I really don’t like wearing a lot of makeup. I feel like this line is really an expression of what I would wear. It’s glowy and simple.”

Camila admits she used to feel pressure to look a certain way and reveals some of her biggest beauty insecurities she’s had to overcome.

“I could name a lot of really dumb ones,” she says. “I don’t like the right side of my face, I feel like my face looks different on the right side. Also my teeth — I have some really crooked teeth on the bottom. There’s one [tooth] that just juts out when I smile which is not fun. But, whatever, it adds character!”

Camilla began her collaboration with L’Oréal as the face of the brand in 2017. She becomes the brand’s first global spokeswoman to collaborate on products.

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